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Therapy, research and training center for the Audio-Psycho-Phonology Method, according to the principles of Professor Alfred A. Tomatis, in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.


As one of the two mother-centers for the Audio-Psycho-Phonology method according to the principles of Prof. Alfred A. Tomatis, alongside Atlantis vzw, in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, MBL offers specialized trainings in the field, next to the therapy.

We attribute our reputation to the extensive experience we have built up throughout the years. The institute is led by Prof. Tomatis' spiritual and intellectual successor Jozef Vervoort. His daughter Astrid Vervoort guarantees the succession, together with her husband Didier Punie.

At MBL, we believe that all of our clients deserve the highest possible quality of therapy and that participants of the training receive the highest level of courses and the best equipment on the market, and we are committed to providing just that. Get in touch today to learn more about how to become a licensed therapist for yourself.

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English : 1 x 2 weeks and 1 x 3 weeks (theory and practice combined)
German and French: 5 x 1 week theory, 2 x 1 week practical

New training dates have been set. This is the schedule:

Training with Jozef in Beijing

 Course week: 12.11 to 18.11.2019: 56 hours of training
Practical course: 6.11 to 13.11.2019: 32 hours of practical
Course weeks: 4.01 to 18.01.2020: 104 hours, training courses

Beijing Golden Wisdom Education Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:1st Floor, Building 9, Guangqu Jiayuan, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China
Tel: 8610-59354220 Email: bonch@126.com

English 2019-2020

Course weeks 1-3: 18.11 to 06.12.2019

Course weeks 4-5: 20.01 to 07.02.2020

English 2020 - 2021

Course weeks 1-3: 16.11 to 04.12.2020

Course weeks 4-5: 18.01 to 05.02.2021

German 2019

Course 1: 21.01 to 25.01.2019

Course 2: 01.04 to 05.04.2019

Course 3: 03.06 to 07.06.2019

Course 4: 02.09 to 06.09.2019

Course 5: 09.12 to 13.12.2019

German 2020 - 2021

Course 1: 15.06 to 19.06.2020

Course 2: 07.09 tot 11.09.2020

Course 3: 02.11 to 06.11.2020

Course 4: 14.12 to 18.12.2020

Course 5: 08.02 to 12.02.2021


.French 2019

Course 1: 24.06 to 28.06.2019

Course 2: 30.09 to 04.10.2019

Course 3: 04.11 to 08.11.2019

Course 4: 09.12 to 13.12.2019

Course 5: 13.01 to 17.01.2020

French 2020 - 2021

Course 1: 28.09 to 02.10.2020

Course 2: 09.11 to 13.11.2020

Course 3: 11.01 to 15.01.2021

Course 4: 15.03 to 19.03.2021

Course 5: 10.05 to 14.05.2021

Advanced Training for APP therapists:

Fortbildung (German Advanced Training): 07.03 to 08.03.2020 and 12.09 to 13.09.2020


Formation Continue (French Advanced Training): 14.03 to 15.03.2020 and 26.09 to 27.09.2020


Advanced Training (English): 21.03 to 22.03.2020 and 19.09 to 20.09.2020

Images Conference 2019:


New books added - New German study added

- 'Vergroot Bewustzijn, Vitaliteit, ons Brein en Muziek'. - Prof. Martien de Voigt

- 'Warum wir zwei Ohren haben' - Dr Jürgen Zastrow

- 'The Audio-Psycho-Phonological approach according to Tomatis, in the treatment of children with ADHS'

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We offer an array of services such as the training in APP, the therapy itself, a new online shop for books, teas and herbs and the catalogue for the equipment.

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Teas and

MBL provides these special organ teas and herbs, for an extra help during the therapy

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Online Book Shop

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At Mozart-Brain-Lab we set very high standards when it comes to the training. Therefore the following experienced specialists in the field train the participants during the theoretical and the practical part.

We are proud to introduce the team of tutors, who will give you the knowledge you need to obtain the license of Audio-Psycho-Phonology-Therapist. All of this of course, in the spirit of Professor Alfred A. Tomatis and the correct way of his wonderful method.

Jozef Vervoort

President and CEO of Mozart-Brain-Lab, spiritual and intellectual successor of Prof. Tomatis, retired principal, special needs teacher and pedagogue, licensed and certified APP therapist, consultant and tutor in the Tomatis therapy, appointed by prof. Tomatis.


Astrid Vervoort

Vice-president of Mozart-Brain-Lab, licensed and certified APP therapist, consultant, teacher. Graduate in psycho-pedagogical studies.

Martien De Voigt

Emeritus professor in Physics

PHD in Physics at the University of Utrecht.
Research in Nuclear Physics, also as a professor with medical applications.
Director Cyclotron Laboratory for medical radio-isotopes, University of Technology Eindhoven.
APP licensed training at Paris with prof. Tomatis.
Therapist, consultant and tutor in the Tomatis therapy, appointed by prof. Tomatis.

Alongside his wife Ann, they operate their own centre for listening therapy, in Gorinchem, the Netherlands.

In support of the Tomatis-method, we provide these studies online


Mozart-Brain-Lab is know for it's scientific research. Brain Mappings (QEEG's) are performed at the institute, which support the validity of the Audio-Psycho-Phonology-method. We have published our own study, and provide extra studies here online for you to discover.

MBL Study

J. Vervoort
M.J.A. de Voigt
W. Van den Bergh, MD
Journal of Neurotherapy

"The improvement of Severe Psychomotor and Neurological Dysfunctions Treated with the Tomatis Audio-Psycho-Phonology Method Measured with EEG Brain Map and Auditory Evoked Potentials"

Scientific Case Study

C. Stillitano

"From The Ear To Voice and Colour"
Dramatic Improvement of Voice and Speech Analysis by Using the Brain Activator in Tomatis Training of Audio-Psycho-Phonology

Stanford Study

Daniel A. Abrams, Tianwen Chen, Paola Odriozola, Katherine M. Cheng, Amanda E. Baker, Aarthi Padmanabhan,
Srikanth Ryali, John Kochalka, Carl Feinstein, and Vinod Menon

"Neural circuits underlying mother’s voice perception
predict social communication abilities in children"

ADHS Study

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Beelmann, Mareike A. Kopka, Jozef Vervoort, Astrid Vervoort

"The Audio-Psycho-Phonological Method used in the treatment of children with attention disorders"


The goal of Jozef Vervoort is to help as many children and people as possible with the special method, which also saved his son. He himself was a party involved when, at the birth of his second son, he was confronted with a child who was different from other children. Due to an oxygen deficiency the speech of his son did not develop properly. Teacher for children with special needs, pedagogue, school director and idealist pur sang Vervoort received from a teacher the book 'Education and Dyslexia' by Prof. dr. Tomatis and read it with more than average interest. He decided to carry out the therapy with his son. The results were amazing and have ensured that his son has been able to develop well. The method, which can bring about changes in the brain through the ear, is central to Jozef's life and in his two institutes in Sint-Truiden in southern Limburg, Belgium. He was immediately fascinated by the possibilities of the listening method that uses filtered Mozart music, Gregorian chants and even mother's voice. Later he followed the training to become a certified Tomatis therapist and built up a friendship with Prof. Tomatis. Jozef is the official intellectual and spiritual successor of Professor Tomatis who wrote this down in a manifesto. In the mother center of the Audio-Psycho-Phonology Method according to the principles of Prof. Tomatis, Atlantis you can experience the Auditory Brain Stimulation yourself. In Mozart-Brain-Lab, a second center that Jozef founded, exactly the same listening training is performed, but attention is also paid to research, such as QEEGs (or Brain Mappings), studies, a museum dedicated to Prof. Tomatis and his method, the international network, the training of therapists worldwide and the sale of specialized and self-developed equipment. Thanks to years of experience with the method, you can go to a licensed and extensive team of therapists. Jozef's daughter Astrid Vervoort and her husband Didier Punie are also active in the institutes and continue the ideal of Atlantis with great enthusiasm.


Mon - Fri: 8:20 am - 5:20 pm
Sat: 8:20 am - 3:50 pm
Sun: 8 am - 2 pm


Stationsstraat 36, 3800 Sint-Truiden, België
Enterprise number 0433.826.956



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