Learn how to become a licensed APP therapist


Jozef Vervoort, head of the training company Mozart-Brain-Lab, is the only one that was personally assigned by Prof. Tomatis to teach and supervise the “Audio-Psycho-Phonology according to Prof. Tomatis”. Mr. Vervoort also received all books and research documents from Prof. Tomatis with the aim to continue his work in the area of Audio-Psycho-Phonology.


Who is it for?

- Physicians, psychologists, therapists and pedagogues.

- People with other professions may take part in the training, but they will not get a license, which is a condition to practice APP and to be allowed to buy all the equipment needed to practice.


In particular cases Mozart-Brain-Lab decides on license allocation.


How long and where?

- Two courses, three weeks each, in a combination of theoretical and practical training.


- At the end of the second course a written examination is held.


After participating in both courses, passing the exam and agreeing in our license and network agreement, you will obtain your license. It permits you to practice APP within the field of your professional experience and to buy the required equipment.




We emphasise, that Tomatis-therapists have made their own experiences with the Tomatis-therapy. Therefore it is an enormous advantage for them to have their own therapy before or parallel with their APP-training.  

Topics in the theoretical part?

Content of the training and the respective hours for the theoretical part:


Topics and hours

Evolutionary development of the ears and listening: 2

Anatomy: Ear, nervous system: 5

Physical basics of the acoustics: 2

Physiology and neurophysiology of listening: 10

Cooperation Ear – Brain – Body 

Laterality, synergism right-left 

Pathology and diagnostic investigation 

Auditory Evoked Potentials, Brain-Mapping 

Sensorimotor function and sensorimotoric integration: 4

Pre- and postnatal development of the ear, brain and listening: 2

Right and left hemisphere of the brain: 4

The relevance of listening for a human being as an individual and in the society: 6

Alfred A. Tomatis, life and work: 14

The laws of Tomatis 


Mode of operation of the equipment 

Mode of operation of the sound media: mothers voice, Mozart, Gregorian music 

Psychological listening test: 6

Interpretation of the listening test: 30

Examples of defective hearing and defective hearing processes: 12


Reading weaknesses 

Writing weaknesses 


Spectrum of autism 


Further indications for Audio-Psycho-Phonology: 10


Dysfunction of the cerebral development and brain damages 

Pregnancy and Tomatis 

Psychic irritations 

Continuative diagnostics in Audio-Psycho-Phonology: 6

Medical history 





Basics and principles of linguistics: 4

A.P.P. according to Prof. Tomatis, principles and time frame: 8

Therapy material: 8

Electronic ear, Mozart-Brain-Activator 

Headphones, music player 

Listening material 

Planning and arrangement of the therapy and preparation of the listening program: 28

Theoretical and practical exercises: 28

Listening test 

Setting of the apparatus 

Case discussions 

Listening with the Mozart-Brain-Activator 

Written work: 3

Total hours of theoretical class: 192


Topics in the practical part?

Content of the training and the respective hours for the practical part:


Topics and hours


Technique of A.P.P.: 16

Execution and interpretation of the listening test: 50

Arrangement of the therapy program and its execution with the Mozart-Brain-Activator: 45

Conversation, conversation on medical history, psycho dynamic of the individual: 80

Oral exam: 1

Total hours of practical work: 192

Price list


  • Training

First block of training(3 weeks) 

3.000,00 €

Second block of training(3 weeks) 

3.000,00 €

Complete course (6 weeks)

6.000,00 €



MBL offers its participants and interns simple and low cost accommodation.

Single room in the hotel incl. breakfast

40,00 €


Bed linen and towels will be provided.


You have the possibility to eat at the cafeteria of Atlantis.


Lunch special (Mo. – Sa.)

7,00 €


Dinner and Sundays is à la carte


Of course you can also enjoy the full range of restaurants in Sint Truiden.



When sending your application for the training, please transfer half the costs of the course at the same time to the following Mozart-Brain-Lab NV account:


KBC-Bank in 3800 Sint Truiden, Belgium

IBAN: BE 27 4536 3141 0173



Please pay the remaining amount until 2 weeks before the start of the course week.


  • Cancellation expenses

Until 6 weeks before the beginning of the course we charge a consultation fee of 10% of the costs of the course, after that we charge 50%. If you cancel your participation later than one week before the course is supposed to start and we cannot find a replacement we have to charge 90% of the costs of the course.


  • Further Information

For further information Didier Punie is at your disposal:

Mozart-Brain-Lab NV

E-Mail didier@mozart-brain-lab.com

Stationsstraat 36

B-3800 Sint Truiden

Tel      +32 (0)11 70 55 89



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